Shareholder Rights for Ontario and Canada Corporations

Shareholder Rights for Ontario and Canada Corporations

Shareholder Rights

Since shareholders have invested their money in a corporation, they have some protections in place. In addition to any rights provided by an applicable shareholder agreement, the Business Corporations Act (Ontario) (“OBCA”) and the Canada Business Corporations Act (“CBCA”) provide shareholders with some rights. These rights are intended to give shareholders protections and to foster transparency in the

Business Partner Theft – What to Do if your Business Partner is Stealing from You

Business Partner and Company Theft

Every couple months, I get a call from a business owner saying, ‘My business partner is stealing from the business, what do I do?’ I shudder knowing that it will be sometime before their life returns to ‘normal’. It is helpful to know what recourse a business owner has in the awful event that their

Handshake Hell – Business Partner and Equal Shareholder-Director Disputes in Ontario

Business Partner Disputes in Ontario

For every client that hopes to set up a company, I have one client hoping to get out of a company. Business breakups can be messier and uglier than divorces. Many business partners set up their company on nothing more than a hope and a handshake. Often, they lacked funds at the onset of their