Using Names in Commerce: How to Use Corporate Names, Business Names, Domains, Trade Names, and Trademarks

Using Names in Commerce: How to Use Corporate Names, Business Names, Domains, Trade Names, and Trademarks

Corporate Names, Business Names, Trademarks, and Domains

In commerce there are a number of different types of names, these include: Legal Names, Corporate Names, Registered Business Names, Domains, Trade Names, and Trademarks. The proper use and registration of these names is important to ensure a business is properly protected.

Business Partner Theft – What to Do if your Business Partner is Stealing from You

Business Partner and Company Theft

Every couple months, I get a call from a business owner saying, ‘My business partner is stealing from the business, what do I do?’ I shudder knowing that it will be sometime before their life returns to ‘normal’. It is helpful to know what recourse a business owner has in the awful event that their

Federal Incorporation or Provincial Incorporation – Which is better?

Ontario Corporation or Canada Corporation

Clients are often surprised when I ask them whether they would like to incorporate federally under the Canada Business Corporations Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-44) (the “CBCA”) or provincially under Ontario’s Business Corporations Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. B.16 (the “OBCA”). They are either surprised that the provincial option even exists, or they are surprised that

Professional Corporations – A Great Tax Shelter for Doctors, Lawyers, and Other Professionals

Professional Corporations in Ontario

A professional corporation is a corporation that provides professional services and that is regulated by a governing professional body such as the Law Society of Ontario, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, or the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Only specific professions can use a Professional Corporation. These professions include: Accountants

Buyer Beware – A Due Diligence Checklist of What to Consider When Trying to Buy a Business

What to consider when buying a business

There are a wide range of issues a prospective purchaser must consider before buying a business. Before purchasing any shares or assets, it is important to examine and research the business to ensure you are getting what you bargained for. This examination process is commonly referred to as due diligence and is undertaken to ensure all the facts presented by a seller are correct.

Handshake Hell – Business Partner and Equal Shareholder-Director Disputes in Ontario

Business Partner Disputes in Ontario

For every client that hopes to set up a company, I have one client hoping to get out of a company. Business breakups can be messier and uglier than divorces. Many business partners set up their company on nothing more than a hope and a handshake. Often, they lacked funds at the onset of their