Pawlina Law

Business and Intellectual Property Solutions

Pawlina Law is a Toronto Business Law Firm. We focus exclusively on Business Law, Corporate Law, and Intellectual Property Law. Specializing in providing a pragmatic approach, Pawlina Law can provide effective legal expertise. From assisting entrepreneurs in selling their business to helping small and medium enterprises protect their intellectual property, Pawlina Law can tailor a suitable legal strategy for you. Please do not hesitate in Contact Us. having an experienced business lawyer on your side will help ensure your transaction go smoothly. 

Karol Pawlina – A Toronto Business Lawyer

I am a Toronto based small and medium business lawyer. I have been a business lawyer for 4-years. During this time, I have assisted clients with a wide range of Business Services, Corporate Services, and Intellectual Property Services. My favorite work has always been drafting contracts and agreements for clients, such as: services agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, share purchase agreements, and asset purchase agreements. Should you or your organization be in need of a Toronto business lawyer to help your business prosper, please do not hesitate to contact me.